Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Seeing with the savior's vision

This morning in session, Master Teacher spoke one particular sentence that struck me deeply. It resonated throughout the rest of the day until I finally expressed its resonance in a poem, “Seeing Truly.”

But first, who is Master Teacher, and what is a session?

It is roughly 8:30 in the morning, and Master Teacher is descending the stairway leading into the lobby of a former resort center, built in the late 30’s, located at the edge of a town in Wisconsin called Wisconsin Dells. This worn-down resort center serves as the heart of Endeavor Academy. Founded by Master Teacher in 1993, the Academy is dedicated to the awakening of the individual from his dream to the experience of his True Self.

Master Teacher lightly descends, wearing a white jersey pullover, blue pants, and dark socks, cradling in the crook of his left arm a battered copy of A Course In Miracles, one of the original copies, printed in 1975. Forty or fifty students are gathered in the lobby, anticipating with great joy his descent.

He pauses at the bottom of the stairs, beaming, looking surprised at seeing such joy, and says, “We meet again at last.” This is met with great cheer and much laughter. He walks among the students who have come from all parts of the globe with the single purpose of waking up. Looking deeply into the eyes of each one, he walks among us. Actually, it is much more than that. He is gazing through the appearance into the eyes of Christ in each individual. It is true namaste, the Indian greeting, “The Christ in me meets the Christ in you.” This is an incredible moment. You meet this gaze either with total certainty of your Christhood, or with total fear. If you meet it with fear, you are interposing your false self between the Christ in you and the Christ in him. It is either/or, there is no compromise.

When he says, “There is no world,” he means that your world, the world you have made up with your perceptual mind, trusting your senses, the world of seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting, and touching is not Real. It seems Real, yes, but it is not the Real World of the Peace of God. The world you have made is a dream. You are now in every moment, dreaming a dream. And he is telling you in every moment, “It is not so. There is no world.”

Since his illumination twenty years ago, he has become a uniquely joyous instrument, voicing with great lucidity the words of Jesus. In his talks, pamphlets, audiotapes, and videotapes, he is always offering personal illumination by simply, profoundly, standing in this moment, reflecting for you and for me the Truth of who we are. We see in him the mirroring of the Christ in us. There is no idolization in this. It is always, simply and profoundly, “I stand here in this moment, reflecting back to you your True Self.”

Master Teacher moves through the lobby and down the corridor into the Session Room where some two hundred students are gathered, anticipating with great joy his entrance. He moves among them, talking constantly in his deep, sonorous voice, speaking the Truth with complete lucidity. At some point, he sits in his chair, surrounded by students sitting in a semi-circle, and holds forth with great joy. Each sentence makes you pause and shake your head, then the next one comes along.

Now, here is my poem, inspired by just one such sentence.


Master Teacher said in session early
this morning, “I see you when you see me.”

I see Dear One when I am looking through
the eyes of Christ, seeing with Christ’s vision.
Dear One only stands there for me to see
my sure reflection in his bright mirror.

Since my mind is now clear, unclouded by
thoughts having no source in reality,
no dream images to be pursued still,
no egoic goals to be realized,
he can now look through my eyes, seeing me,
saying softly, “I’ve been looking for you.”

This is all that is required, and it is everything. I stand still in the state of mind of the peace of God, and ask, “Thy will be done.” This is seeing with the savior’s vision. Here is Jesus expressing it in His unworldly masterpiece, A Course in Miracles.

Behold your role within the universe!
To every part of true creation has
the Lord of Love and life entrusted all
salvation from the misery of hell.
And to each one has He allowed the grace
to be a savior to the holy ones
especially entrusted to his care.
And this he learns when first he looks upon
one brother as he looks upon himself,
and sees the mirror of himself in him.
Thus is the concept of himself laid by,
for nothing stands between his sight and what
he looks upon, to judge what he beholds.
And in this single vision does he see
the face of Christ, and understands he looks
on everyone as he beholds this one.
For there is light where darkness was before,
and now the veil is lifted from his sight.

This is the savior's vision; that he see
his innocence in all he looks upon,
and see his own salvation everywhere.
He holds no concept of himself between
his calm and open eyes and what he sees.
He brings the light to what he looks upon,
that he may see it as it really is.

I now urge you to read "The Savior's Vision" in Chapter 31 in its entirety.