Thursday, April 01, 2010

Happy Easter! Everything is all right.

Everything is all right.

There is nothing to worry about.

That’s because there is only Everything.

Nothing was made by me to defend against Everything.

Everything is real, Light, Truth, Love.

Nothing is unreal, darkness, illusion, fear.

Experiencing Everything, or nothing, is simply a reflection of my state of mind.

What I see can only mirror my state of mind.

Seeing through my limited eyes, I see nothing, darkness.

Seeing through Christ eyes, I see Everything, light.

When I find myself seeing through Christ eyes, I am grateful, and I say, “Thank You.”

When I am seeing through my limited eyes, I am troubled, and I say, “Help.”

The miracle is a shift in perception from seeing with my eyes to seeing with the eyes of Christ.

While seeing with my eyes, I am crucifying myself.

While seeing with the eyes of Christ, I am resurrected.

Now, Everything mirrors my resurrected Christ Mind.

Everything is all right.

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