Monday, January 19, 2009

Barack Obama: A New Consciousness

In my preceding blog post, I used the image of a star to convey our Oneness with our Father in our Creation. And this morning I began reading an article by Jeshua (Jesus) channeled through Judith at Oakbridge University in Tacoma, WA. Here are the first two paragraphs:

Beloved one, do you know you have brought forth a new consciousness? It is a consciousness which, truly, has been in process for some time, both for you individually and for the collective. You have been, again, the one who has been on the cutting edge, on the crest of the wave. The master that you are, you have come one more time to participate in an evolutionary step in the realization of Oneness. We have spoken in previous times of how this reality is based upon an experiment, if you will, of starseeds, each and every one of you having come from different star constellations and having been the descendants of ones from other star constellations, bringing with you remembrance of life and cultures in other places and other realities.

I am amazed at the timing, because tomorrow is the inauguration of Barack Obama, and here is paragraph # 7 from the article.

Some months ago in your timing, there came along a gathering of energy in the embodiment of one person, who said, "It is possible to be inclusive rather than exclusive. It is possible that there can be equality and respect and honor for each and every voice." And he began gathering to himself others who wanted to have hope, who wanted to believe in the best of what could be possible. He even chose a certain saying that you have heard the brothers and sisters chanting: "Yes, we can. Yes, we can." It is very powerful. Yes, you can do what you envision.
I invite you to read the article in its entirety by clicking here.