Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Inborn Biases: Autocratic or Democratic

I just came across another exciting passage in “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers.”  Here’s Billy:

“Although all beings come from the same Source, within each individual blossom, within our differences, lies the pleasure of creation.  In its multitudinous glorious playfulness, the Infinite creates diversity, so there are many soul tribes.  Each tribe has its special explorations to undertake on earth.” (p.  121)

. . .Every tribe has its special explorations. . .

After reading that passage, I found my mind following this train of thought.

During my academic career, I was involved in a variety of high schools, colleges, and universities.  In each institution, I experienced polarities among the faculty and staff and students.  If the prevailing leadership were autocratic, the democratic bias among the various groups went against the leadership; if the prevailing leadership were democratic, the autocratic bias among the various groups went against the leadership. And, of course, there were those in-between.

Billy reminds us that the autocrats and democrats and those in-between came into this incarnation with their respective biases.

The solution is not to become either stronger in your orientation, or become more like your opposite.

 Here’s Billy’s solution:

“Go far beyond human labels of “good” and “bad” and focus instead on the quality of your light. You don’t need to figure this out.  Just follow your chimera, your eternal fire.´ (p. 123)

 Within the context of A Course Miracles, this means to turn over your grievances to the Holy Spirit who will bridge the gap between your small autocratic or democratic or in-between self and your True Self.  The way out is not either/or; the way out is taking the Bridge beyond, listening to the Holy Spirit speaking to you all through the day.

Inborn biases—
autocrat or democrat
take the Bridge beyond

When I ask for help to be receptive and get out of the way, I will be guided, and I will extend that guidance.  This guidance transcends my human orientation, forgiving you yours.

Lesson 49, God’s Voice speaks to me all through the day.