Tuesday, February 09, 2016

On Composing Haiku

Early morning,
sitting in the living room,
reading the Lesson,
sipping coffee,
being still.

Wild exactitude
five-seven-five, exactly
wild imaginings

Pine branches, bouncing
like dog tails wagging with joy
“Good Morning” to you

Wings of glass angel
hanging in Eastern window
catching morning sun

Skylight, pale blue sky
Wispy, cottony clouds pass
moving so swiftly

A crispy brown leaf
strangely caught in the updraft,
swirls towards Heaven

Light snow, overnight
sunlight attempting to pierce
marshmellowed skylight

Black limbs, layered snow
Bird lands, “Poof,” white crystals fall
miniature storm
Twenty degrees, rain
Forcing the snow from the leaves
raindrops and snow flakes 

“port,” harbor; “tune,” fortunate
sailing in, good wind

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